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Membership Code of Conduct

As a condition of membership, each member of OCTIA agrees to be bound by the following OCTIA Membership Code of Conduct.

  1.  Membership of OCTIA (“Membership”) is a privilege which may be extended to members of the cleantech community in Ontario who are accepted as members (“Members”) by the OCTIA Membership Committee (“Committee”).  A Member’s Membership is subject to periodic review, renewal, non-renewal, revocation, termination and/or suspension by the Committee, in accordance with criteria determined from time to time by the OCTIA Board of Directors (“Board”).
  2. As a condition of Membership, each Member agrees to comply with the OCTIA Bylaws and this Membership Code of Conduct (“Code”), as they may be modified from time to time by the Board, and acknowledges that their Membership may be revoked, terminated, suspended or not renewed in the event of a failure of the Member to do so.
  3. The purpose of OCTIA is to represent and advocate on behalf of the Ontario cleantech sector, to facilitate business connections and business opportunities for the Members and to provide forums for networking, education and active interchange of information and ideas, regarding the advancement of cleantech. Applicants are assessed in terms of their compatibility with and ability to contribute to the achievement by OCTIA of its objectives.
  4. The Committee, which is part of the Board, shall make decisions regarding approval or denial of Membership to any applicant. Applicants shall provide such information as may be reasonably be requested by the Committee from time to time, both before and after an applicant is accepted as a Member.  All confidential information provided to the Committee will be treated in confidence.  Where requested information is not provided, the Association reserves the right to suspend Membership for up to three months and, if deemed appropriate, expel the Member. All decisions of the Committee regarding Membership are final and as such, not subject to appeal.
  5. OCTIA is committed to safety, diversity, social responsibility and observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct. OCTIA Members, partners and all organizations or individuals conducting business with OCTIA are expected to:
    1. Share and support OCTIA’s goal to advance the cleantech industry in Ontario
    2. Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect and objectivity in all matters and activities associated with OCTIA
    3. Exercise reasonable care, good faith and due diligence in OCTIA affairs
    4. Respect diversity of opinions and the integrity and ability of others; and promote collaboration and cooperation
    5. Strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct and assist others in maintaining those practices
    6. Uphold a professional, legally appropriate business relationship with OCTIA staff and other Members promoting a positive and collegial atmosphere free from harassment and other unacceptable behaviours
    7. Not engage in or facilitate any discriminatory or harassing behaviour directed toward OCTIA staff, other Members, officers, directors, meeting/event attendees, exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, suppliers, contractors or others in the context of activities related to OCTIA
    8. Promote open competition and comply competition laws by not discussing restraint of trade agreements, prices, pricing policies, terms and conditions of purchase or sale, costs, or any other topics that might be considered anti-competitive behaviour
    9. Respect and uphold local, provincial, federal and international laws
  6. OCTIA strives to be ethical and transparent, and strives to ensure the organizations and individuals with whom OCTIA conducts business adhere to the principles expressed in this Code. OCTIA reserves all rights to take any actions deemed necessary if this Code is not followed.
  7. By confirming their agreement with the terms hereof, each Member expressly waives any right to sue or bring any action of any sort on the basis of any OCTIA related educational activity, information sharing or investment presentation, or otherwise, against any one or more of OCTIA, its Board, or its officers, employees or agents.
  8. The Board may, on the advice of the Committee, suspend, revoke or terminate the Membership of any Member who, in the sole judgment of the Board:
    1. Fails to act in a manner consistent with this Code and the objects of OCTIA
    2. Fails to disclose a material fact or makes a material misrepresentation in an application for Membership or in other information provided to OCTIA
    3. Has or gives the appearance of having a material conflict of interest with OCTIA
    4. Improperly solicits business from Members, or makes a material misrepresentation in the context of a OCTIA educational forum, presentation or other activities
    5. Behaves in a manner that disrupts OCTIA activities or events or, in connection with any OCTIA-related activities, displays anti-social behaviour toward other Members
    6. Engages in the conduct that reflects poorly on OCTIA, or which is deemed by the Committee to be against the best interest of OCTIA
  9. Decisions regarding the revocation, termination, suspension or non-renewal of Membership by the Membership Committee are final and not subject to any appeal. The sole recourse any Member has over any disagreement with a Board decision, motion or action, regardless of its scope or nature, is to withdraw from Membership in OCTIA. In case of withdrawal from or termination of Membership, annual dues may NOT be refunded.


Acknowledged and agreed on behalf of Member.