OCTIA & Ontario’s Clean Technology Sector


Canada’s environment and clean technology (ECT) sector is worth $73B (2.9% of GDP), and it creates 314,257 jobs (StatsCan 2022). The manufacturing part of ECT is worth $33.6B – 28% of that is exports. “Pure-play” cleantech companies accounted for 210,00 jobs in 2022. This number is projected to grow to half-a-million by 2030.

Cleantech also accounted for nearly $14.3 billion in exports in 2020. They are projected to reach a volume of $20 billion by 2025.

Canada has 12 of the Global Cleantech 100 firms – three of them are from Ontario. It is now ranked #2 in the global Cleantech Innovation Index (a measure of future potential).

The global cleantech market is growing rapidly; the market for clean energy technologies alone is projected to more-than-double by 2030, to $970B, and generate 14 million jobs (IEA 2023).

Many Canadian industries are making major low carbon investments, especially in Ontario (auto, steel, cement, aluminum).

To take full advantage of this opportunity, Ontario’s clean technology sector needs a unified voice. We need to promote our good work, continue to attract top talent, and secure support to grow leading companies. Our sector also needs a seat at decision-making tables. It’s time for Canada’s largest and most industrialized province to champion the clean technology sector.

Formed by experienced clean technology leaders in January 2019, the Ontario Clean Technology Industry Association (OCTIA), aims to be that voice and champion.

Our mandate is to:

  • Strengthen, foster, and promote Ontario’s cleantech community.
  • Build partnerships and networks to generate quality business opportunities.
  • Encourage industry and government leaders to act in support of Ontario’s cleantech sector.

Together, OCTIA members are committed to building support for this high-potential, globally competitive sector – for the benefit of the environment and Ontario’s and Canada’s future economy.

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Clean Technology in Ontario

  • 38% of the cleantech companies in Canada can be found in Ontario.
  • Ontario has 117,000 + employees in the cleantech and environment sector
  • In 2020, Ontario accounted for over one-third (34% or $23.1B) of Canada’s total GDP ($67.4 B) value of ECT products
  • Ontario based companies accounted for 51% of Canada’s cleantech and environmental exports in 2020
  • The majority of Ontario’s ECT exports were cleantech products (92%)
  • Ontario is the home of Canada’s manufacturing sector, a crucial competency for the hardware nature of  many clean technologies.
  • Ontario has the most diverse population in Canada and is absolutely one of the most diverse in the world! What does this mean? It means Ontario has the creativity, ingenuity, and connectivity that is essential for global success. There are some 200 languages spoken in the City of Toronto, meaning sales, service and product sourcing can all be conducted in the language of the counter party including cultural comfort.
  • There were more technology hires in 2022 in Toronto that San Francisco, Washington State and DC!
  • Ontario is rich in minerals and natural resources that are key inputs, like critical minerals, for multiple clean technology applications.
  • Ontario has the largest university network in Canada generating bright and capable young human resources and leaders for the cleantech sector.
  • Ontario has deep competencies in a variety of key cleantech sectors: Hydrogen, Green Chemistry, Energy Storage, Transportation, CCUS, Nuclear Power, Waste to Value and Water.

Clean Technology

Clean technology, or cleantech, includes novel services, processes, products, and activities that improve economic performance and significantly reduce environmental impacts. In general, this includes, but is not limited to, better solutions for energy use, water management, food production, and transportation.

As the world transitions to a clean growth economy, Ontario has significant potential to contribute to the shift.

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OCTIA is a member of the CanadaCleantech Alliance, a national consortium with a mandate to advocate for cleantech companies, help brand Canada’s cleantech sector, and open doors to business opportunities for our members.